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All the boats pictured on this site were designed by Westlawn alumni.
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For 85 years, we have been helping people prepare for a new and interesting career or to advance their existing career. Many have become successful, some even famous, but all have found deep satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment in pursuing something they love to do.

In an effort to meet the emerging needs of both the marine industry and its design practitioners, Westlawn has developed two courses of study. Westlawn is world renowned for its 4 module course Yacht & Boat Design. In addition, Westlawn offers a course of lessons extracted from the Yacht & Boat Design that we call the Introduction to Naval Architecture for Marine Professionals. Depending on your career objectives, experience, and current situation, you can choose the program that best matches your requirements. Both Yacht & Boat Design and Introduction to Naval Architecture for Marine Professionals are presented in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence of lessons. These are hands-on courses—you'll learn by doing. The courses will challenge your abilities and, if you're willing to make the effort, we'll get you there, at home and at your own pace. (Introduction to Naval Architecture for Marine Professionals was formerly called Yacht Design Lite.)

At Westlawn you study at home but not on your own. Students are encouraged to discuss ideas and problems with faculty members and with other students on the Westlawn student forum. We're always there to answer your questions and believe that the feedback to students has been the secret to our success spanning over three quarters of a century.

Study materials include text books written specifically for this course by boat and yacht designers and other marine industry specialists. You will also receive comprehensive study guides to lead you through each lesson. Printed study and on-line materials are augmented by conference sessions with instructors via the online Student Forum to enrich the learning experience and provide guidance. We want you to succeed, and our faculty members share a commitment to provide advice, technical assistance and encouragement along the way.