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ABYC & Westlawn Announce Joint

Continuing Education Program


October 7, 2008, Annapolis, MD:  The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology jointly announce that after completing a thorough review of mutually compatible curriculum, the two organizations have bundled a number of courses together to create a series of recommended continuing education offerings.  Information on these courses is now posted and available for review at the Westlawn and ABYC web sites at the following links.


Detailed CE Course Information

Downloadable Joint CE Course Catalog

Westlawn CE Course Enrollment Forms

ABYC Course Enrollment Information


Although the ABYC courses are offered in-class and the Westlawn courses are offered via distance learning, many courses support each other and provide students with a more comprehensive background on a particular subject.  For example, Westlawn’s distance learning course Metal Corrosion in Boats is a good prerequisite for the ABYC Marine Corrosion Certification.  Or, if you want to advance your knowledge of Diesel Engines, it is recommended that you follow-up ABYC’s Diesel Engine & Support Systems Certification with Westlawn’s Advanced Fuel Systems for Boats.


Mike New, ABYC Education Director noted, “Westlawn has been ABYC’s educational affiliate for nearly six years now.  It was time that we took a hard look at the courses being offered to see how they could be integrated to benefit the marine industry.”  “By collaborating together, ABYC and Westlawn have enhanced our ability to service the educational needs of marine professionals,” says Mike New, ABYC Education Director.


Dave Gerr, Director of Westlawn commented, “Both ABYC and Westlawn programs are designed to support careers in the marine industry.  This was done in an effort to assist marine professionals who want to combine their technical interests with design interests, and develop a full understanding of all the aspects of boat building – from design through maintenance.  We encourage everyone to review the course information, which can be found at the Westlawn web site www.westlawn.edu, or the ABYC web site www.abycinc.org.”


ABYC/Westlawn certificates of completion and/or Westlawn continuing-education units (CEUs) are granted upon successful completion of each course.  CEUs and certificates are recorded in the student’s permanent record at both Westlawn and ABYC.


ABYC has been developing, writing and updating the safety standards for boat building and repair in the United States for over 50 years.  ABYC is actively involved with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well as education and certification programs for marine technicians.  These standards are available on CD-ROM, online (Web-STIR and ABYC Standards Powered by Rulefinder.net) and in printed form.  Membership and general information can be requested by visiting the ABYC web site at www.abycinc.org.


Founded in 1930, the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology is the only nationally accredited and state-certified distance-learning school of small-craft design in the United States. As the not-for-profit educational affiliate of the American Boat and Yacht Council, the mission of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology is threefold:

■ To provide our students with the skills and knowledge required to build a rewarding career in the profession of yacht and small-craft naval architecture.

■ To support continued growth of the recreational and small-craft marine community through the development of well-trained, safety-oriented, boat designers developing better products for the benefit of the boating public.

■ To provide continuing education to marine-industry professionals.

To learn more about Westlawn, please call (860) 572-7900 or visit the Westlawn website at: www.westlawn.edu.