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Westlawn Offers Boat Interior Design Reference to the Public

Text Offered for Sale for the First Time

“Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and the Boat Building Industry”


April 28 2009, Annapolis, MD: In a first-time release to industry and the general public, the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology announced today that the textbook Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and the Boat Building Industry, by Lisa C. Hix, is now available for purchase.  Specifically prepared as a textbook for Westlawn’s intensive Yacht & Boat Design Program, and also used as the text for Westlawn’s continuing education course in boat interior design, Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and the Boat Building Industry provides detailed technical information not available from any other source.  According to Westlawn Director, Dave Gerr, “this unique book is the only reference of its kind in the world, covering all aspects of boat interior design and human-factors engineering (ergonomics).  It is the closest thing there is to an Architectural Graphic Standards for boat interior design.”



Since its founding in 1930, Westlawn’s policy has been to sell its textbooks solely to students actively enrolled in Westlawn courses.  In response to continued requests for a reference on boat interior design, however, and recognizing that there is no other comparable reference source available to the boating industry; Westlawn has decided to make Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and the Boat Building Industry available to all.


Heavily illustrated, with numerous line drawings and photos on nearly every page, Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and the Boat Building Industry, will answer almost any question a designer, builder, surveyor, crewmember, or serious boater may have about the accommodations and arrangements required for safe, comfortable, and efficient crew and passenger spaces. Though focused on boats (vessels under 200 feet or 60 meters), the information is equally valuable for efficient and comfortable accommodations on commercial vessels of all sizes.


Author Lisa Hix, brings years of practical experience as in industrial design consultant to bear in her clear and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter. Ms. Hix has a degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a diploma from the Yacht Design Institute.  She has been a staff designer and project manager for production boatbuilding companies’ design teams, where she has worked from concept through tooling and prototyping, to sea trials.  She has done design consulting and illustrations for boatbuilders, naval architects, and marine equipment manufacturers. Ms. Hix has also served as a lighting fixture designer for a major manufacturer, and as a lighting consultant for residential and commercial spaces.  With experience including sailing and motoring many types of boats as well as sailing transatlantic, she has gathered real-world functional information on human-factors engineering aboard boats first-hand.


Pricing and Purchasing Information

This book is 251 pages, in a perfect bound soft cover.  The price for ABYC members is $74.95 plus shipping and for non-members is $89.95 plus shipping.  Copyright © 2001, Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, Inc., ISBN 978-0-578-01956-7.  To purchase Westlawn Institute’s Interior Design Methods for Yacht Design and the Boat Building Industry, go to the online ABYC Ship’s Store – CLICK HERE.


Table of Contents


Introduction                                                                                                   9


Chapter One - Identifying Information Relevant to the Yacht Interior

            Objectives                                                                                         11

            1.1   Who Are You Designing For?                                                      12

            1.2   What Does the Boat Need to Do?                                               13

            1.3   Interior Specifications                                                                 14

            1.4   Interpretation of and Prioritizing Specifications

                    Regarding Use of Space                                                            16

            1.5   The Impact of a Builder on the Interior Design                              16

            1.6   A Brief Look at the Interior/Deck Space Interface                          18

            1.7   State of the Art Knowledge                                                         30

            1.8   Questions and Exercises                                                            31


Chapter Two - Space Planning for the Yacht Interior

            Objectives                                                                                         33

            2.1   Headroom                                                                                  34

                    Standing Headroom                                                                   34

                    Drawing the Cabin Sole                                                              36

                    Seated Headroom                                                                      39

            2.2   Human Measurements                                                                40

            2.3   Activity Flow Diagrams                                                               42

            2.4   Operational Sequence Diagrams                                                 43

            2.5   Visual Space and Line of Sight                                                   45

            2.6   Interior Steering Stations                                                             47

            2.7   Sleeping Accommodations                                                         48

                    Mattress Sizes                                                                           48

                    Berth Sizes                                                                                48

                    Sea Berths                                                                                 51

                    Footwells                                                                                   52

            2.8   Forward and Aft Cabins                                                              53

                    Desks or Vanities                                                                       55

                    Room to Move                                                                           55

                    Safety Escape Routes                                                                58

            2.11 Storage in Sleeping Areas and Staterooms                                  60

                    Various Storage Needs                                                               60

                    Hanging Lockers                                                                        61

                    Large Bulky Storage                                                                   62

                    Small Protected Storage                                                             63

            2.12 Arrangements                                                                             64

            2.13 Heads and Shower Rooms                                                         71

            2.14 Galleys                                                                                      82

                    Galley Sinks                                                                               84

                    Trash Receptacles                                                                      86

                    Cooking Equipment                                                                    86

                    Cold Storage                                                                             91

                    Dry Storage                                                                               95

                    Counter Heights                                                                         99

            2.15 Dining Areas                                                                            102

            2.16 Salons                                                                                     110

                    Integrating Structural Aspects into the Interior Design                 113

                    Entertainment                                                                           115

                    Bars                                                                                         118

            2.17 Navigation and Interior Steering Stations                                    120

            2.18 Companionways                                                                       131

            2.19 Captain and Crew's Quarters                                                     137

            2.20 Laundry Facilities                                                                      138

            2.21 Engine Room Access                                                               140

            2.22 Questions and Exercises                                                          142

            2.23 Data and Equipment References                                               145

                    Human Factors Data                                                                 145

                    Manufacturers or Distributors of Marine Equipment                    145


Chapter Three - Lighting the Yacht Interior

            Objectives                                                                                       149

            3.1   Lighting for the Yacht Interior                                                    150

                    Natural Illumination                                                                    150

                    Window Treatments for Shade and Privacy                                152

                    Ventilation and Deck Openings                                                  154

                    Artificial Illumination                                                                  156

                        Lighting Terms                                                                     156

                        Lighting Design                                                                    158

                        Lighting Equipment                                                              162

                        Lighting Fixtures                                                                  166

            3.2   Lighting Specific Areas                                                             168

                    Galleys                                                                                    168

                    Lighting the Head Compartment                                                170

                    Stateroom Lighting                                                                   171

                    Passageways, Companionways and Stairs                                172

                    Exterior Deck Lighting                                                               174

                    Lighting the Interior Steering Station and Navigation Station        174

                    Dining Area Lighting                                                                 176

                    Salon Lighting                                                                          177

                    Lighting for Viewing Televisions                                                178

                    Lighting in Engine Rooms                                                         178

            3.3   Wiring Circuits and Electrical Panels                                          179

                    Drawing a Lighting Plan                                                            180

            3.4   Questions and Exercises                                                          182

            3.5   Equipment References                                                              183

                    Manufacturers or Distributors of Marine Electrical

                    and Natural Lighting and Ventilation Equipment                         183


Chapter Four - Construction Methods and Materials for the Yacht Interior

            Objectives                                                                                       184

            4.1   Construction Methods Materials for the Yacht Interior                 186

                    Bulkheads and Wall Treatments                                                 186

                    Light Color Woods                                                                   190

                    Medium Color Woods                                                               191

                    Dark Color Woods                                                                    191

                    Bulkhead Treatments (other than wood)                                      192

            4.2   Finishes - Paints, Varnishes, Oils                                               195

            4.3   Cabinetry and Countertop Construction                                      197

                    Cabinetry                                                                                 197

                    Locker or Cabinet Doors and Drawers                                        199

                    Drawers                                                                                   201

                    Cabinetry Ventilation                                                                 204

                    Countertops                                                                             205

                    Tables                                                                                      208

            4.4   Molded Fiberglass Use in Yacht Interiors                                   209

                    Refrigeration                                                                            213

                    Head and Shower Construction Details                                      215

            4.5   Galley Equipment Installations                                                   217

            4.6   Stairs and Companionways                                                       219

            4.7   Overheads and Headliners                                                        221

            4.8   Hull Treatments                                                                         224

            4.9   Upholstery                                                                               226

                    Fabrics                                                                                    228

            4.10 Cabin Sole Treatments                                                              233

            4.11 Design Presentations                                                                238

                    Design Process                                                                        245

            4.12 Questions and Exercises                                                          246


References for Further Study and Selected Bibliography                            248


Providers of Photographs, Arrangement and Elevation Plans                     249

(As Noted In The Text)


251 pages

Perfect bound soft cover

Price: $89.95 ($74.95 for ABYC members)

ISBN 978-0-578-01956-7

Copyright © 2001, Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, Inc.

Available from the American Boat & Yacht Council Ships Store at:




Founded in 1930, the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology is the only nationally accredited and state-certified distance-learning school of small-craft design in the United States. As the not-for-profit educational affiliate of the American Boat and Yacht Council, the mission of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology is threefold:

■ To provide our students with the skills and knowledge required to build a rewarding career in the profession of yacht and small-craft naval architecture.

■ To support continued growth of the recreational and small-craft marine community through the development of well-trained, safety-oriented, boat designers developing better products for the benefit of the boating public.

■ To provide continuing education to marine-industry professionals.

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