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Distance Education is about using technology to connect students and teachers when they are separated by physical distance.

Three benefits of taking a distance education course are you can live anywhere, you never have to leave your home or work to attend classes, and you can start when you wish and work at your own pace. It is the perfect method of learning for busy people in this telecommuting age. You study at home for maximum convenience and have the flexibility to accommodate current employment, family and other commitments. You learn quickly, through practical application of each subject area.

Course work is sent via the Internet. Instructor intervention is also via the Internet. Westlawn will provide you with printed and online study material. This unique material combines texts with lecture notes on each subject covered. In addition, you are provided with a study guide for each lesson to lead you through the material in a systematic way.

Even though you study and prepare your assignments at home, your Westlawn instructor is available to help you whenever you need assistance. The online Student Forum is always available for personal guidance with problems that you may be having with a concept or calculation. It is like being in a class in which you are the only student.

The assignments that you send to the school are designed to show your instructor what you have learned. Each assignment receives a complete and professional review and a written critique in the form of a Lesson Report to instruct you in some finer points that you may have missed.

In the professional Yacht & Boat Design course, some assignments can be completed in a week or two. Others, such as design projects, may take you several months. Assignments in the Introduction to Naval Architecture for Marine Professionals course can be completed at a faster pace. In all of our courses, interacting with Westlawn instructors is the key to a successful learning experience. (Introduction to Naval Architecture for Marine Professionals was formerly called Yacht Design Lite.)